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Principle Water Resources Engineer

Fl-Coral Springs, FL-Ft. Myers, FL-Orlando, FL-Tampa

Req#: 34059BR

Date published: 25-Apr-2018

Opportunity: Experienced Hire

Business Line: Water

Business Plan: ENG

Level: 131

Black & Veatch is a leader in watershed resource planning and management, offering expertise across the entire water cycle, from source water to receiving water. We understand the issues involved in providing integrated water resource planning efforts that include ground water, surface water and/ or reclaimed water. Knowledge of the latest technology and skill in the use of the most up-to-date tools – including geographic information systems (GIS), demand management programs, groundwater models like MODFLOW, integrated decision support models like ICPR, GoldSim and STELLA, water quality models like WASP and EFDC, as well as an understanding of current and pending regulations – enable us to offer complete services. Black & Veatch takes pride in our professionals’ ability to see the entire water resource picture, often helping clients realize more water resource resiliency and overall long-term cost savings. With an integrated global workforce of highly skilled and experienced scientists, engineers and technicians, we are well-equipped to handle all water resource concerns. In addition to receiving top rankings in many engineering journals, the Water business has helped to shape regulatory approaches and develop innovative technologies, which further distinguish Black & Veatch from other engineering firms.

Primary Purpose:
Black & Veatch has an exciting opportunity for a Principal Water Resource Professional in Florida.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Our U.S. planning and water resources business has seen consistent growth driven by our clients’ needs to address challenges stemming from water quality degradation, natural system impacts, water scarcity, drought resiliency, groundwater depletion, climate variability, sea level rise, salt water intrusion, water use issues, and evolving regulations. In Florida, we anticipate an increased demand for integrated water resource planning and design driven by population growth, sea level rise impacts on groundwater supplies, stormwater infrastructure, and natural systems, an increased regulatory focus on mitigating the eutrophication of springs and water bodies, and pressing water supply resiliency issues. This represents a strategic business opportunity for Black & Veatch, and the Principal Water Resource Professional is intended to help the company grow its market share in Florida by providing world-class planning and water resource services.

Position Overview
• Principal Water Resources Professional: Leverage and build relationships with key water resource planning leaders and decision makers throughout Florida and SE US
• Lead and participate in scenario planning efforts for integrated water resource, water quality, and natural systems restoration projects throughout Florida and on strategic national and international opportunities
• Support water supply assessment and planning efforts throughout the state
• Lead minimum flows and levels (MFL) development for water bodies, streams, springs, and rivers throughout FL
• Lead and participate in total maximum daily load (TMDL)/water quality restoration related support throughout FL and across the nation
• Lead stream, wetland, lake, and estuary restoration and engineering design efforts throughout FL and the Southeast US
• Provide water quality evaluations and lead associated restoration engineering design to support the State’s focus of mitigating the eutrophication and degradation of springs, rivers, lakes, and estuaries
• Support watershed management planning and stormwater infrastructure design efforts
• Develop innovative water management strategies (WMS) and assessments
• Support reuse and alternative water supply master planning services
• Provide technical leadership for innovative, holistic solutions for community resiliency and sustainability throughout FL
• Provide expert testimony/litigation support for TMDL and MFL related issues
• Participate in business development strategy formation and implementation throughout FL
• Provide technical leadership for key client pursuits and proposals

Minimum Qualifications:
Requires a bachelor's degree in engineering from either a recognized accredited program in their home country or the country in which the professional is practicing. Minimum of 8 years related work experience. All applicants must be able to complete pre-employment onboarding requirements (if selected) which may include any/all of the following: criminal/civil background check, drug screen, and motor vehicle records search, in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Preferred Job Qualifications:
• 15+ years of water resource and planning work
• Experience in a client-facing role
• Experience leading the technical elements for project teams and executing water resource planning and design projects
• Have proficiency with the applications and models such as:
o Various Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling Software (e.g., HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, Xp-SWMM, ICPR, InfoWorks ICM, etc.)
o Integrated modeling (e.g. MikeShe, ISGW, etc)
o GoldSim/STELLA
o Water quality models such as EFDC, WASP, etc.
o Instream habitat simulation models (PHABSIM, SEFA)

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